Persuasion: Austen fashion

 Persuasion: Austen fashion

This week, the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia has a fashion that would see my dog ​​- Persuasion: Fashion in Jane Austen’s time, the display in the Textiles gallery Myer and May 22 and will continue on November 8th. Best of all, the show is free to the public. The exhibition will feature more than 70 works, most of the museum’s collection and examine the period between1770 and 1830. Prints and drawings, decorative arts and paintings, with a focus on women’s dress from the 19th century English alongside these fabulous outfits, and major works from other institutions and private collections in Australia will also be included. Many elements of CNG holdings were collected in the 1960s and 70s by collectors Leo and Anne Schofield.

Mode character in the novels of Jane Austen, Lucy Steele and Mrs. Allen, are presented as stupid. “It was not considered appropriate for anyone to talk endlessly about fashion,” said Roger Leong, Curator of CNG is the international fashion and textiles. “Characters who speaks length clothing is always the idiot . “However, Jane wrote about the details of the way in his letters to his family, as Leong said:” witty comments and insightful fashion Austen reflects the complex relationships within English society during its life, particularly between different classes and men and women. “

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