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Persuasion: Austen fashion

 Persuasion: Austen fashion

This week, the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia has a fashion that would see my dog ​​- Persuasion: Fashion in Jane Austen’s time, the display in the Textiles gallery Myer and May 22 and will continue on November 8th. Best of all, the show is free to the public. The exhibition will feature more than 70 works, most of the museum’s collection and examine the period between1770 and 1830. Prints and drawings, decorative arts and paintings, with a focus on women’s dress from the 19th century English alongside these fabulous outfits, and major works from other institutions and private collections in Australia will also be included. Many elements of CNG holdings were collected in the 1960s and 70s by collectors Leo and Anne Schofield.

Mode character in the novels of Jane Austen, Lucy Steele and Mrs. Allen, are presented as stupid. “It was not considered appropriate for anyone to talk endlessly about fashion,” said Roger Leong, Curator of CNG is the international fashion and textiles. “Characters who speaks length clothing is always the idiot . “However, Jane wrote about the details of the way in his letters to his family, as Leong said:” witty comments and insightful fashion Austen reflects the complex relationships within English society during its life, particularly between different classes and men and women. “

Winter 2013 Stylish Jewelry Design

Winter 2013  Stylish  Jewelry Design

If the rainy season almost invariably encourages the use of the subtle tones and a multitude of practical and versatile pieces, does not necessarily mean that the same is true for accessories. In fact, in most cases, tell us that the opposite is true and going bolder is highly recommended for fun contrast. Designer Alber Elbaz has become undoubtedly well known for his desire to make a statement. If Lanvin fall 2012 campaign came with a pleasant surprise with regard to the models used, new jewellery collection is certainly on a similar path because it brings together a variety of fun button.

Sophistication with a “BOLD” button is the prospect that adopts the label. The new designs are inspired by the billionaire mark Barbara Hutton and help the tenth anniversary of the creative spirit of the collection of tags. Complexity is mixed with a classic touch to the series of drawings which without a doubt steal the attention. Female vibes find themselves with a sense of opulence and even some fashion vibes skillfully disguised. From symbolism to the proven options, no doubt are the delight of lovers of fashion.

Statement necklaces are undoubtedly the stars of the new line. Fun pendants are without doubt an excellent choice for those looking for a solid point of contact that will be a real game changer. Short necklaces, however, can be a fabulous choice if you simply looking for a full item at a glance and put a more electric vibration throughout. Rock chic or classy and elegant, the label can help no doubt embrace your style with a variety of fun button.

A touch of color can be the best way to inject fun on their computers, so make sure you try accessories statement this season. You could discover noted, once you give accessories dare go over possibilities. Keep things simple at the beginning, and little by little towards bold changes to be able to feel completely at ease in his own skin.

In true fashion color Club fall 2012 Nail Polish

In true fashion color Club fall 2012 Nail Polish

Do you know what are the warmest colors of nail polish of the new season? If this is not the case, perhaps the new collection of Nail Polish Club True Color mode could shed light on the subject. Discover delicious new offerings.

Color Club In True Fashion Fall 2012 Nail Polishes

When it comes to updates for the new season, the manicure is one of the areas where changes are received with great enthusiasm, and it could not be otherwise given the impact that a pleasure manicure style has our look and the fact that one of the States is less intensive effort of style. Although there are many sources of inspiration for the new collection of Nail Polish, we particularly love offerings that are designed to reproduce accurately track trends and translate the maintenance offerings.

Color Club brand had this exact address of style with its new collection entitled 2012 fall real fashion. With a source of inspiration, you can bet that the wave of track dominates the color palette. So expect to see the hottest colors of the season and the effects of this fairly complete set. You can always go to the chic intense tones of Matt or you can experiment with beautiful effects. Metal, anyone? Duochrome effects are another great option available. These are some of the most popular tones of the moment: