The Rajput style

The Rajput style of clothing has been adopted by many designers when they launched their formal collection for the year fashion 2012. Men were sporting huge turn=bans made of rich banarasi fabric with huge jewels adorning it while women wore ghagras and lehangas made of similar material.

pakistani fashion trends 2012

pakistani fashion trends 2012

White sherwanis were sported by male models as they walked the ramp this year while women wore knee length gowns. This year the core of embellishments has been the front of the shirts worn over the elaborate ghagras. Women wore Rajput style jewellery on their forehead for this year and heavily embellished drapes over their shoulders that swiped the floor clean as they fell in a trail after them.

While men wore only white embellished sherwanis this year in the formal collection of Pakistani fashion trends of 2012, they were not left bereft of colours altogether. The turbans that they wore were in maroons and red and also crinkled drapes in burnt orange hues were draped on their shoulders. The attires of women largely revolved around the theme of maroon, aquamarine in its deepest shades and dull gold mixed with off white.

Women wore heavy jewellery on their throats ears as well as hairdos. The hairdos that these women wore were the classic buns at the nape which a centre partition. Buns with a centre partition is a reminiscence of the Rajput era as the women in those ties used to adorn their centre partition with an ornament called ‘tikka’ or another hair ornament called ‘Jhumar’. The neck lines of most of the gowns worn by women this year included V necklines with a high collar. The V neckline is ideal for both showing off ornaments at your throat as well as looking trim and slim.

pakistani fashion trends 2012

pakistani fashion trends 2012 pakistani fashion trends 2012

Many women wore chooridar pajamas under A link frocks another example of the garment worn by the women of the Rajput era. The chooridar pajama is similar to tight fitting pants that many women ear in the western world these days. To set off the figure hugging chooridar pajama the model was wearing a pair of gold high heel shoes.

pakistani fashion trends 2012

Furthermore she was wearing a pair of red nail paint on her toe nails to complete the extravagant look of her attire. The neck of the frock worn by this model was closed and had embellishment in the form of a rectangle. The rectangle embellishment primarily included multi coloured ribbons in shades of gold and fawns and maroons. The frock was trimmed of with an extension of gold and fawn banarasi fabrix and fell all the way to the ankles of the model. The attire was an ideal example of rich and extravagant sophistication.

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