Style 2012

skinny women who have been kept in mind when the designers introduced the fashion style of 2012. Women who are size 14 or shall we say curvy have also been given a lot of thought when fashion styles of 2012 were launched this year. While fawns and grays have been launched for fashion styles 2012 for women, women have been awarded an abundance of hues to experiment with this year.

fashion style 2012

No one can deny the elegance that soft pastel shades add to a woman’s wardrobe. Be it s lovely shade of soft lemon or apple green you look like the ultra feminine woman. You can wear soft cashmere apple green sweater this year adorned with white lace dress collar over a printed pale green skirt tripped with lemon chiffon to create the ultra soft and feminine n image suggested by the fashion style 2012.

fashion style 2012

Huge and baggy hand bags are the real deal to with this kind of soft fashion style 2012 especially if its available in lemon and white leather. To complete the entire effect you can wear high heel sandals in white leather or apple green lacquered leather underneath these shoes as well. Make sure you wear a nice thin and metallic head band on your head with this kind of attire with your hair pulled back in an elegant bun or chignon at your nape.It is not all greens and yellows this coming season when it comes to following the fashion style 2012.

fashion style 2012

Style 2012

A certain designer launched attire in pale blue that epitomizes the fashion style 2012 to perfection. The attire consisted of pale blue chiffon skirt with slight shimmer under a printed blue and yellow blouse. Over the top and blouse the model was a coat in the softest shades of blue as well. The coat had just one button at the front.No woman can resist the femininity that soft pink has to offer and this year fashion style 2012 caters to that very urge of ours. A model walked the ramp in the softest shades of pink . Her dress was made up of soft pink cotton and fell to her knees.

The sleeves of this dress fell to her elbows and were wrinkled right above the elbows. There was a thin string that encircled the waist with small string .There were small buttons that splayed down the dress .The collar of this dress was closed adding to the mysterious allure of the overall attire. The dress also had pockets at the front of the dress, the perfect way to put your cell phone in and avoid any hassle with a hand bag. The model wore pumps at her feet in shades of white green and orange. It made up the perfect summer dress for you to dazzle men around you.

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